7 Best Calorie Burning Exercises, Ordered By Effectiveness

If you spend precious time in the day to sweat, you want to know that you really deserve to pass the time, right? Ok, but you have heard that some people say that aerobics are the best calorie burner, while others swear by lifting weights, so what can they help?

To ensure records: Properly, we tend to consume more calories, such as running and lifting weights, Laura Miranda, C.S.C.S. , physiotherapy, physical nutrition experts and certified personal trainers. “However, weight training or anaerobic can make our excess oxygen consumption after exercise (COPD) or caloric intake after exercise last hours or even days.”

Miranda explained that weight training has so much time in calories that the reason why the burning is due to the greater the intensity, your body to recover and repair the greater amount of oxygen necessary for the muscle after exercise. By choosing an exercise that improves the post-combustion effect, “in the long run, you’ll get more rewards,” he said. “Muscle is the most metabolically active tissue, so the more muscle we have, the more efficiently we will burn calories all day.”

But what sports can burn more calories?

These 14 movements are some of the best burners, sorted by effectiveness. (Just for reference: under the direction of the American College of Sports Medicine, the estimated number of calories burned is 125 pounds and 185 pounds more, the more calories are burned in any particular task – but many other factors also play a role. paper, so this is not an exact science.)

1.Jump the rope

Select Miranda and New York coach Noam Tamir, owner of TS Fitness C.S.C.S. of “bonus burn” tips to further improve the afterburning effect Burns: 667-990 calories per hour (if you skip 120 times per minute) Additional burns: it turns out that this small rope is actually a major fat burner. Try using an aggravated jump rope to further touch your arms and shoulders.

(For the full-body workout challenge, train this calorie rocket by jumping from the coach of Carrie Underwood.) Tip: This helps you mark the iconic legs.)

2. Run for the mountain / stair sprint
Burns: 639-946 calories per hour

Bonus burning: “You want to run at full speed with the greatest effort, you can only keep about 20 seconds on the stairs or slopes, and then follow the sprint of half the force of the recovery operation and doubling time, Miranda said in these harder Sprint to work with, EPOC her the bigger.

3. taekwondo
Burns: 582-864 calories / hour

Burning bonus: whether you’re kicking yourself or in class, make sure you keep your rest between two rounds of punches and kicks. Play once every 90 seconds and rest for 30 seconds.

(Try the final burn of this boxing exercise).

4. Cycle interval
Burns: 568-841 calories / hour

Combustion Reward: Sustained high-intensity walking will allow you to get higher COPD, compared to the steady-state ride of low intensity, Miranda said – but after high intensity increases the interval will increase even more fuel throughout the training period .

5. Running
Burns: 566-839 calories per hour (10 minutes / mile)

Additional Burning: After running at a steady rate, you will continue to burn additional calories for the rest of the day. (If this is not the motivation to solve the tape, then nothing is).

Tamir said that in order to perform more blowtorches during and after exercise, he can add short sprints or faster speeds during sprints. He recommends maintaining a work-rest ratio of 2: 1 for maximum subsequent combustion. For example, if you run for 60 seconds, walk for 30 seconds.

6. Kettlebell Circuit
Burns: 554-822 calories / hour

Additional Burning: Tamir says that the HIIT circuit using a kettlebell can maintain 36 hours of afterburning after leaving the gym. To get the best results, be sure to be in the fluid circuit instead of stopping to rest between each movement. Tamir recommends switching between movements of the upper and lower extremities so you can stay active for long periods of time. Try swinging with kettlebells, squats with kettlebells, and press with kettlebells. Then, rest 15 to 20 seconds after completing three actions.

(Or choose other movements of the best Kettlebell practice).

7. Fixed bicycle
Burns: 498-738 calories per hour (at a strong rate)

Additional burn: to make the most of the burn, Tamir says to start a strong pedal (100 rev / sec or more) and 50 seconds. Then, move to a sprint of 1